Love Yourself

Love Yourself

The Power Of Love

Love Yourself

Start loving yourself. Pamper yourself. Be one with yourself. You ask me “How do I do this”? First you have to let go of the negative energy and anger. You have to let it go. Just like the Disney song from Frozen “Let It Go”!

Then change your thought pattern start loving you. You are worthy of loving yourself.

Go pamper yourself! Get your hair done. Get a manicure, pedicure. Go have a spa day and get a facial and a massage. Put yourself first for once. Live in the now. Start today loving yourself. Take a hot bubble bath with candles burning. Put make-up on everyday if you wear makeup, do your hair. Put yourself first. Once you start loving yourself and focusing on you then you’ll begin to heal and your energy will begin to shift.

Then buy yourself a new outfit and dress for success. When you look good it makes you feel good. It’s all about raising your vibration. When you put off positive energy and vibrations then it a tracks those with positive energies to you.

Go for a walk, work on restoring your health. Eat to live and not live to eat. Drink more water. Water is know to change our health. Our bodies are made of 65% water and it needs water to maintain health.

Look in the mirror and say I love me! Because I am worthy of love. I’m me. I am love. Once you start doing this then energy around will shift and positive energy will start attracting positive energy around you.

Just remember you are worthy of being loved and its all starts with you loving yourself first. Love you! Be mindful of that and don’t forget to live in the here and now!

Love & Light



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