Taking Back Control in 2018

Taking Back Control in 2018

Important Keys to take in doing so

  If your reading this post, then Congratulate yourself on taking the first step of many in taking back control of your life! First off, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year! As I meditated on what subject I should start off with my guides kept bring me back to this topic taking back control in 2018. Many of us have allowed life to control us and not us controlling our life. We allow our thoughts of the past eat us up on the inside. Things that we cannot change or control. We let our thoughts to consume our actions and the day. We choose to allow those thoughts to control our lives instead of us controlling our thoughts and speaking our wants and needs into the universe. We allow other people’s thoughts, words and judgments to keep us in a constant state of negative energy. We choose to allow it to consume every ounce of free time along with allowing it to drain our energy at that same time.  You would be amazed how much energy it takes to beat ourselves up over negative crap that other people put out there for us to feed off on. Like Facebook for example. There is more negative junk, garbage and crap on there that we allow ourselves to be drawn into. That we literally drain all our energy. Then afterwards we wonder why we feel like crap. Then we ask ourselves, “Why we feel we need to have a drink to unwind at the end of the day?” We allow ourselves to be pulled into it. Here is an exercise I want you to do the next time you see negative crap on Facebook and feel like your being pulled into it. Just simply walk away from it. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into it. Stop for a minute and ask yourself theses few questions. “How is this making me feel?” “How is this going to effect the rest of my day?” If your answers resonate negative thoughts and energy, then simply choose to walk away from the negative energy that is surrounding you. Block that post on Facebook. Put headphones on and turn on some upbeat music. Raise your vibrations which will then raise your energy. Take a deep breath center yourself. Tell yourself out loud.
  • “I will not allow this negative energy to affect my day.”
  • “I will not allow this negative energy to effect my thoughts.”
  Ask your higher self, your guides, angels or whomever you believe in, God, the universe whomever it maybe. To shower you with light. Then allow that light to wash away all the negativity that your feeling at that moment. Then say to the universe.
  • “How can my day get better then this?”
With asking the universe this it puts into motion the energy to change the outcome of your day! Every time you have a negative thought, or something happens.  Stop what your doing and do these simple steps. There might be days it seems like you’re doing it every 5 minutes. But I promise you the more you do it the less often you will have to do it in the end. If that makes any since to you. Start your day off every morning telling yourself and the universe.
  • “I will have a blessed day!”
  • I will live in love and light today!”
  • I will be the fullest of who I am today!”
  • I will be a blessing to others today!”
  • I am who I am because I choose to be!”
These 5 Key points are a crucial step in taking back control of your life in 2018.  Do not forget! Your life is like a book and you’re the Author of it. You’re the only one who can determine the end of the story.   Love & Light Sheila

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